Highest Paid NBA Players of 2014

Highest Paid NBA Players of 2014

Highest Paid NBA Players of 2014

How much my favorite team earned? Is the star of my team to be content worth at all? Which player in the league is over and which underpaid? These and similar questions is in the mind of every fan of professional team sports. This post gives an overview and lists the top earners of the current season.

Number 1: Kobe Bean Bryant

Highest Paid NBA Players of 2014

Kobe Bean Bryant is an American basketball player born on August 23, 1978. The height of the player is 198 cm tall and he plays for the Los Angeles Lakers on the position of the Shooting Guards since 1996. Since 1998 Bryant has continuously selecting in the best NBA player (All-NBA team) and won the 2008 election to the MVP (Most Valuable Player), the award for most valuable player of the NBA regular season. He won the previous five NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing Kobe Bryant has the USA team and teammates such as LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul in the final against Spain and won the gold medal. Kobe Bean Bryant is the highest paid NBA player of 2014. He earns $30,453,805.

Number 2: Dirk Werner Nowitzki

Dirk Werner Nowitzki Is a German professional basketball player. Since 1998 he is in the North American professional league NBA for the team Dallas Mavericks. In the NBA season 2006/07, Nowitzki Became the first European to Awarded the NBA Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) for the Most Valuable Player of the regular season. In the NBA Finals in 2011, He won the “Mavs” the first German to NBA Championship and so what the NBA Finals MVP Award for the Most Valuable Player of the finals series. Nowitzki is considered one of the best international (non- American) Players in the history of basketball. Magic Johnson and Charles Barkleyreferred consider him as “one of the greatest basketball player of all time” or as the outstanding player of the past 30 years. It counts with over 26,000 Achieved points to the 10 best cage fighters NBA history. In 2012, he awarded the first non-American to the Naismith Legacy Award. Dirk Werner Nowitzki saves second place in the list of highest paid NBA player of 2014. His salary is around $22,721,381.

Number 3: Amar’e Stoudemire Carsares

Amar’e Stoudemire Carsares born on November 16 1982 in Lake Wales, Florida is an American basketball player. He plays in the NBA for the crew of the New York Knicks. The 2.08 m wide power forward is regarded as one of the most athletic players in the NBA. In the 04/05 season he was the player with the most dunks in the league. After he had visited a total of six high schools in five years, Amar’e Stoudemire joined the NBA directly in 2002. In 2002 the NBA chose him in the ninth place. In his first season, Stoudemire was able to convince, and won the award for newcomer of the year, the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. He also led the First Team to national team of the NBA All-Rookie. In 02/03, his first season, he already played outstanding for a rookie and scored an average of 13.5 points per game in the regular season. He is the third highest earner in NBA with $21,679,893 earning.

Number 4: Joe Marcus Johnson

Joe Marcus Johnson born on June 29 1981 in Little Rock, Arkansas is a basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets in the American professional basketball league NBA. He was one of five NBA players who scored in the 2005/06 season on 20 points and 6 assists on average. Also in the 2006/07 season Johnson was able to improve his stats: 25.0 points, 4.4 assists and 4.2 rebounds per game. The earning of Joe Marcus Johnson is $21,466,718 this year that’s how he saves fourth position in the highest paid NBA players.

Number 5: Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony Kyam born on May 29, 1984 in New York City is an American basketball player since February 22, 2011 for the New York Knicks in the NBA plays. In 2002, he took a scholarship from the Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. Anthony’s first year at the Syracuse Orangemen is considered one of the best in NCAA history, and even received an award for it. With the U.S. national basketball team, Anthony won at the 2004 Olympic Games bronze medal. In the World Cup tournament, he reached his record with 35 points against Italy. In this tournament Anthony was the only Americans in the All Tournament Team appointed. In addition to the sports Carmelo Anthony takes small parts in television productions over again and again. The calculated earning of Carmelo Anthony is around $21,388,953 in 2014. He is on number 5 in the list of highest paid NBA players.

Number 6: Dwight David Howard

Dwight David Howard born on December 8, 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia is an American professional basketball player, in the U.S. professional NBA league since 2004. Currently he is at the Houston Rockets under contract. He moved directly from high school (Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy) in the NBA and was developed by the Magic in the first place and selected in the 2004 in NBA. Howard is 2.11 meters tall and plays at the position of the center. His physique and his style of play encouraged comparisons to Darryl Dawkins and Shaquille O’Neal. Dwight Howard has risen in recent years to become one of the most popular basketball players in the NBA. He dominated the All-Star Game voting in 2009 with 3,150,181 votes and becoming the first player in the NBA history who broke the 3 million mark. Among other things, Dwight Howard did commercials for 50 cents Vitamin Water and for T-Mobile. Howard stands at Adidas under contract and is thus represented in the Adidas Brotherhood team, a selection of the “best” NBA players who determined from Adidas. Among others, the Adidas Brotherhood team is still represented by Tracy McGrady, Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan. The annual pay of Dwight Howard is $20,513,178 this year.

Number 7: Pau Gasol Sáez

Pau Gasol Sáez born on July 6 1980 in Sant Boi de Llobregat, Spain is a Spanish professional basketball player. He is currently plays with the Los Angeles Lakers in the U.S. professional league NBA under contrac. Gasol is considered the best Spanish and one of the best European basketball players of all time. He is an excellent power forward and is considered extremely offensive strong. Gasol earns $19,285,850 that makes him 7th highest paid NBA player.

Number 8: Chris Bosh

Christopher Wesson Bosh born on March 24 1984 in Dallas, Texas, better known as Chris Bosh, is an American basketball player. Since 2003 he plays in the U.S. professional league NBA, where he initially played for the Canadian team Toronto Raptors until 2010, then joined Miami Heat. In 2012 and 2013 he was with his team NBA champion. Bosh is 2,11 m tall and plays on the positions of the Power Forwards and Centers . He is on number 8 in the list and earns $19,067,500.

Number 9: LeBron James

LeBron Raymone James born December 30 1984 in Akron, Ohio is an American basketball player. James played in the North American professional league NBA in 2003, since 2010 he is with the Miami Heat. James is 2,03m tall and runs as a small forward on. But since then, the tasks of a point guard takes over; it is also called Point Forward referred. In allusion to earlier English kings he is called “King James”. Another nickname is “The Chosen One”. The salary he gets in 2014 is around $19,067,500.

Number 10: Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Tyrone Wade born January 17, 1982 in Chicago, Illinois is an American basketball player who at the Miami Heat in the NBA under contract. With Miami he has been able to win three NBA championships. He is on no.10 in the list and earns $18,673,000.

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