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Top 10 Most Beautiful Athletes 2015


Most Beautiful Athletes 2015
The world of sports is full of extremely skilled athletes, and they enjoy the same status as the celebrities of other fields of entertainment do. It does not come easy, of course, since, in order to enjoy such a position, a sportsperson must not only be skilled

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10 Best Cheerleading Teams of NFL


Best Cheerleading Teams of NFL
Football is a game of great enthusiasm, where the players and the audience seem to be equally charged up. When footballers step onto the field, they are under immense pressure. They need to perform well for themselves, as well as for the hundreds of thousands of

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10 Best Female Ice Hockey Teams


Female Ice Hockey Teams
Ice hockey is widely popular in western countries such as the Canada and United States. The game is even popular in the English continents as many of the European nations participate and win various international championships. IIHF World Women’s Championship is among the top tier championships in the world and the IIHF European

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10 Best Female Cricket Teams


Female Cricket Teams
Everyone says that cricket is the gentleman’s game. No one ever says that cricket is a lady’s game. This is because, just like most sports, cricket, too, has been made into something in which only the made are said to excel. But the truth is, cricket has always


Top 10 Football World Cup Mascots


Football World Cup Mascots
Mascots always play a key role during the announcements and advertisements of any FIFA World Cup starting from 1966. Mascots also created a string of attachment of the young and child football fans with the game of football, as the merchandising sector tries to concentrate on the

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10 Unknown Facts about Cricket World


Unknown Facts about Cricket
Cricket is often referred to as the gentleman’s sport. It maintains a pace and a set of rules that make the sport quite elite. Over the years, the sport has undergone many changes in its rules, and these modifications have brought some huge alterations to the game.

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Top 10 Most Difficult Sports to Play


Most Difficult Sports to Play
Sports can be traced as long as the existence of the mankind which made the humans purposive, sportive and active beings. Earliest account of sports can be traced around 17,300 years ago in the cave paintings found in the Lascaux caves in France portraying sprinting and

  • Daniel Gibson

Top 10 One Hit Wonders of Sports


One Hit Wonders of Sports
Every once in a while, we get to watch a historical match in a sport, where the day is saved by a player who descends like an angel and, with one hit, one, goal, or one shot, changes the whole game. Such a player might be

  • Trey Smith with his father Will Smith

Top 10 Athletes with Star Parents


Athletes with Star Parents
The various segments of the entertainment world are more closely related that we usually notice. We have often seen that well-known and skilful players get engaged or even married to actors, singers, etc. It is quite natural that the children of famous people in the entertainment industries

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